Lupis Greyrunner



Lupis’ father died when kobolds raided their homestead. He was only 1 1/2 years old at the time. His mother married an elf some few years after her first husband’s untimely demise.

Lupis has some siblings who are half elves, though he was the only child of the union between his human mother and human father. That being said, there has always been some talk that Lupis’ mother was pregnant by her human husband at the time of the kobold raid, but that she miscarried due to the stress. It’s not easy to escape from kobolds when you are pregnant, and have a 1 1/2 year old in tow, especially after you have watched your husband get flayed and then burned, but she was a powerful warrior in her own right.

This also explains his keen hatred toward kobolds…

As soon as his mother noticed druidic traits in Lupis, she conferred with her new husband’s kinfolk and got Lupis hooked up for training. In fact, the elves are the ones who gave him his current name, as soon as they noticed his ability to shapeshift into, firstly, wolves and then afterward, direwolves. Which have remained his favourite shapeshift even though he can now proficiently change into many other creatures, and is working on adding more and more shapes as he hones his abilities.

Lupis keeps his original, human name a closely guarded secret – not out of a desire to protect his mother, or even because of ongoing pain at the loss of his father. Simply because he has connected so well with the roots of his druidic nature, he feels his human name is superfluous, as he adventures across the world seeking knowledge and the betterment of all races who work in collaboration to observe and protect the natural world.

Lupis Greyrunner

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